Let yourself be tempted by our Japanese cuisine recipes

Teppanyaki is cooking in Japanese cuisine where a hot plate is used—photo by DozoDomo.

Wasabi, Nori, Miso, Shichimi, Shôyu, and Komé is indeed the Land of the Rising Sun in question. Renowned for being balanced and one of the finest in the world, Japanese cuisine surprises and amazes. It is very varied; it offers many dishes mainly based on raw fish and rice and based on meat and vegetables. The use of fresh products is essential, which is why it is called healthy and dietary.

Sushi, maki, and sashimi are timeless among the most famous dishes. In addition, Japanese cuisine offers meat lovers yakitoris and small skewers made from chicken or beef. Tempuras, fried foods, are served as an appetizer or with a bowl of rice for a complete dish. Indispensable in your kitchen is shoyu or tamari, soy sauces that sublimate the taste of your Japanese dishes.


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