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Red quinoa salad, avocado, pomegranate, hazelnuts and spinach shoots

A few words about this recipe This plate has flavors that marry particularly well. The red quinoa and the hazelnut are very complementary. The quinoa...

Healthy Easter Nests

A few words about this dessert recipe At Easter, the traditional recipe is, of course, the Easter nests… But not just any, that of Christophe...

Chicken with Monbazillac sauce and morels

A few words about this main dish recipe To have a perfect result for this exceptional dish and keep it simple, I opted for well-raised...

Spring salad

A few words about this starter recipe Here is a simple salad recipe with seasonal vegetables where sweet spring vegetables such as asparagus, white onions,...

Tartlet with radish rillettes, smoked trout and haulm pesto

A few words about this starter recipe Indulge yourself with this spring-smelling tartlet, as pretty as it is delicious. Don't throw away a bunch of...